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Frogman 2

Smaller is better in this case... The Frogman 2 is the result of 1 year of testing and complying customers needs. The spot15º angled beam will light up all your darkest corners .


Technical Data Sheet

Light Source: Cree power-LED “3+1+3”Mode: 100%, 30%, 10%, (life-mode), 1Hz, 6Hz, SOS Switch: Tail magnet-push-switch; waterproof Material: CNC machined, aerospace-grade anodized Aluminum, scratch-proof, shock-resistant & waterproof Lens: Tempered optical Polycarbonate; Total Internal Reflection Lens Circuit: Digital; optimized for power, heat & multiple-function setting Weatherproofness: IP68 (heavy rain and dusttight) Waterproofness: IP68 (With ‘O’-rings, heavy rain & 100m underwater) Cable: IP68 (Double sealed, heavy rain & underwater) Battery : New Generation Li-ion rechargeable, 3.7VDC-14000mAh, packed with rugged, waterproof & curved-shape anodized Aluminum Alloy case Discharge Time: 100%: 4hours; 30%:12hours; 10%:  approx. 360hours Charging Time: 6~10hours, 500mAh LED Life: 8 years or 50000 hours Battery Lifetime: 2 years or 12500 hours Body Color: Military-Green with red mounting bracket Beam Angle: 12º Illuminance (Lumens/m2): 10,000Lux (visible flux density; @1m distance & 4.2VDC) Light Color Index: 7200K (bluish cool white; spot); total 2000Lm Quality Standards: ANSI/NEMA FL 1—2009, IEC/EN 60825-1, EMC Directive 89/336/EC Weight: 120grams (LightHead with O-mount) Physical Dimension: Diameter 55 mm * Length 35mm (Light Head)

* Burning time depends of age and external conditions of the light

What's in the box: Frogman 2 with 'U' mount for helmet, 4 cell battery 14000mAh and 3,7 V , short cable, long cable, 'Y' cable, charger (wall and USB) 100-240V, mounting kit, 'O' rings pouch

2 Year limited warranty for factory and/or production faults on all components. Battery warranty is 6 months

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