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Marlin 500v

The Marlin 500Video's beam, at a 90º angle, is perfect for taking underwater images. Finally having your favourite underwater pictures or shooting videos comes at virtually no cost.


MARLIN 500v  MARLIN 500v  

MARLIN 500v   MARLIN 500v 


Light Source: Powerled Cree XM-L U3 Modes: “3+1+3” : 100%, 30%, 10%, OFF, 1Hz, 6Hz, SOS Switch RRAR turn switch; multiple-function setting Material: CNC machined, aerospace-grade anodized Aluminum, scratch-proof, shock-resistant & waterproof Reflector: Optical precision Optical System: Tempered optical Polycarbonate; Total Internal Reflection Lens Circuit Digital; optimized for power, heat & multiple-function setting Water- & Weatherproofness IP68, O-rings sealed Battery: New Generation Li-ion rechargeable, 3.7VDC-3000mAh-11.1Wh Discharge Time: 2hours, 6 hours, 20 hours resp. Charging Time: 3hours, 500mAh LED Life: 8years or 50000hours Battery Lifetime: 3 years or 12500hours Weight: 179grams (w/t battery) Color: Military-Green with red headring Anodized Dimensions: Φ4,4cm(head) * 14,5cm(length) * Φ3,0cm(tail) Beam Angle: 90º (flood) Illuminance (Lumens/m2): 2KLux (visible flux density; @1m distance & 4.2VDC) Light Color Index: 7200K (bluish cool white); 500Lm.

* Range or discharge time depends on the age and condition of the battery and ambience temperature. The pack includes The MARLIN 500-Video, rechargeable batterypack, Cable Charger, lanyard, mesh carrying pouch Warranty card.

1 Year limited warranty, aplicable on all components for manufacturing faults. The battery has a 6 months warranty. Any product alteration voids the warranty.

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